Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Efficient language

"The miraculous city ontwaakt terwijl tout le monde se réveille. Het licht gaat aan et je realise que me gusta la vida; ein neue Tag fängt an."

Some words just sound better in other languages.

Ever heard of 'verschikkelijk' ? Be blessed because 'horrible' makes much more sense.

Also, 'magnifique' sounds way more magnificent than 'wunderbar' does.

It may not seem efficient to use different languages in one sentence, but sometimes there is just one word that perfectly describes what you feel and what you want to make clear. It is about the way it sounds, the atmosphere it creates.

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M. M. Martinez said...

This is super neat. I wish I knew more languages so I could understand better. But sometimes when I'm trying to express things, the Spanish word is much more appealing to use than the English one.