Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ballet Austin: Inaugural Season Opener Part III

Liminal Glam

This choreography wasn't only about the combination; the entourage, the music, the costumes and particularly the light was a big part of it. The light created a web on the floor, which was the energy field during the whole show. The web became smaller when dancers left the stage and became bigger when more dancers entered the stage.
A curtain was situated at the back of the stage, through which dancers entered and left the stage. The curtain reflected wonderful shadows and created a mysterious atmosphere.
A central theme in the music was the sound of a clock. The first word of the title was represented by these two aspects: liminal means treshold. Going in and out in combination with the sound of a clock.
The glamour part of the title was certainly represented by the costumes of both the male and female dancers. Costumes designed by Susan Branch had a glamorous touch. They looked soft and smooth but actually they were made of very stiff material. The colors of the costumes and the light fit together in every little detail.
Although this choreography was abstract, it contained a very clear beginning and end. Because of the fact that the duo-parts represented a big part of the show, it seemed easier to get an actual story-line out of this detailed and glamorous piece of art.


Anonymous said...

nice writing, I like the posts you've done on the ballet. what did you think of the Long Center had you been before?

outandaboutaustin said...

I think some of the specialized terminology got the best of your English, Marloes. It might have been better to stay away from direct translations from the Dutch.