Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lake Travis: Oasis

Driving my family around Austin I definitely wanted to show them Lake Travis and particularly restaurant Oasis.

Oasis is a restaurant located on a hill in front of the snake-shaped Lake Travis. Driving all the way to the west part of Austin I found, first of all, a lot of mountains that reminded me of France. The amount of green trees on the hills, the blue sky and the sun shedding light on every little detail made me not only enjoy Austin as a city but also the beautifull nature Austin should definitely be proud of.

As soon as I sat down at Oasis I felt the calmness taking over the experience. Watching the sun moving on top of the hills and shining on the lake I knew I was at the right place on the right time.

Oasis calls itself the 'Sunset Capitol of Texas' which I cannot even negate using one single argument. Watching the sunset while enjoying one of the greatest views of Austin I surely showed my family one of the most beautiful places of this city.

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Saskia said...

Leuke berichten allemaal marloes :) Ik eet ook altijd bij Oasis als ik daar ben... mmmmm mooie zonsondergang en lekker eten.. en leuke obers :P

Veel plezier nog in Texas

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