Monday, October 20, 2008

The House of Torment: The human chain broke

One of the few advantages of being a short person is the ability to hide. Since my eyes were totally focused on anything unexpected that could happen in front of me, I was glad I found a tall guy standing behind me to alert, calm or pacify me.

After a couple of frightful but seemingly safe minutes I felt some inhuman pufs reaching my neck and merciless shouts numbing my sense of hearing. I knew something was wrong. The human chain broke. The tall guy-little girl chain broke.

Looking back I saw his posture reflecting agony. He was slouching all the way down in order to look smaller and more fragile. Obviously, small people wish they were taller to look tougher, whereas tall people wish they were smaller in order to look more fragile.

At the end we all converged by a shiny, black hearse that was parked in front of the House of Torment, reminding us of how similar people are. Tall or short, brave or fragile.

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