Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chaddick Dance Theatre Part IV: Six Passing

This choreography, made by Kathy Dunn Hamrick, seems very cheerful and lighthearted. Six dancers are passing the stage in colorful dresses and with lively smiles on their faces. It seems like they are friends and having fun together all the time. The choreography contains a lot of different solo and duo pieces which makes it look very alternating.

Although, analysing the choreography from a closer viewpoint made my mind change.
Sometimes having a friend is a temporary thing. People come and go. Meeting new people often goes hand in hand with ignoring people that, in your opinion, don't suit your personality that good. Group forming is a human process too. Some people may fit in a social group, others will be kicked out of it.
Kathy Dunn Hamrick shows this process by presenting ' Six Passing'; six girls discovering friendships in a both delighted and rude, but human way.

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