Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ballet Austin: Inaugural Season Opener Part I

Ballet Austin opened its season this weekend in the Dell Hall in the Long Center of Performing Arts in Austin.

According to the show I saw today, this season is going to offer a lot of variety.

The show contained three parts. The one combination I keep repeating in my head is 'Nine Frank Sinatra Songs'. Although titles of choreographies are often figurative, this one was literally true and surprisingly special.

The performance started with a shiny disco ball that lightned the whole hall in all kinds of colors, which created the exact right atmosphere; suits, ties, hats, high heels and colorful dresses. Both the choreography and the facial expressions of the dancers didn't only represent the melodies but also the lyrics of the songs in every little detail.

Figuring nine songs from Frank Sinatra, like 'Something Stupid' and 'That's Life', it came to an end with 'My Way'. Showing how every single dancer represented this thoughtful, stylish and rythmic version of Sinatra in his or her very own way.

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