Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chaddick Dance Theater part I: Bridgeboard

Hidden messages all over tonight at AustinVentures Studio Theater.
I am a big fan of both dance and theatre. It makes my day when they are subtly combined. The show called ‘Second Wind’ by Chaddick Dance Theater’s and Kathy Dunn Hamrick was a mix of movements, emotions, stories and lights that made me want to discover every little hidden message.

The first dance performed tonight was ‘Bridgeboard’ by Cheryl Chaddick.
The dancer was covered in a black and white suit. The bright spotlight made the white even lighter and the black even darker. This contradiction wasn’t only represented in her clothes but also in the story told by her body and by both sides of the dance floor.
Namely, the character had to make a choice. All of a sudden she started waving; she had to say goodbye to someone she loved. At this point her new life started. During aggressive or sad moments she was dancing on the left side of the stage, and during bright and relieved moments she was dancing on the right side of the stage. After wondering if she prefers her old or her new life, the left or the right side, she realizes she can’t go back. She starts waving to her old life.

For those who have met the empty nest or made a dynamic choice.

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