Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chaddick Dance Theater part II: Flights from Reality

Living now sometimes makes you crave for a life in the past.

The performance starts with a couch in the middle of the stage. A man is watching TV and eating chips. His wife is reading a book. Not just a book. She is reading a ridiculously old-fashioned romantic book. And yes, she is reading it out loud.
On the background, two couples of dancers are wearing traditional clothes from the Shakespeare era. While the woman reads the book the couples are figuring the story in their movements and gestures towards each other.
The contradiction between this couple and the actual couple sitting on the couch gives the whole choreography a funny touch but it made me think too. Reading the book made the woman escape from reality, but at the same time she fell asleep on her husband’s shoulder. On her - TV watching - chips eating – bored - husband’s shoulder.

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