Thursday, September 25, 2008

Technology trends catched up by different generations

Turning on the computer to check your mail, sending textmessages all day and using skype to call your parents; daily activities for people from my generation.

Around the 1990's modern technology started to expand and all we could do was trying to catch up with it. Adapting to these trends was a piece of cake. I played my first computer game when I was ten, I had my first cellphone when I was twelve and I read my first e-mail when I started to go to secundary school. It was just part of growing up; part of the deal.

But imagine how this rapid growth of required technological knowledge was for older generations. Catching up with these trends was a pretty hard job for people that were around 60 years old.

Today, my grandma is turning 74. I really appreciate the fact that she sends e-mails regularly. She even sends me textmessages with abbreviations and smilies. Above all, she knows how to use internet and how to read my blog. Namely, she understands English too.

On the one hand I am proud of my grandparent's ability to catch up with modern technology trends, on the other, I am even more contented when I receive their old fashioned, wholeheartedly written postcards in my mailbox, written in their 74 years old handwriting.

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