Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ready or not, Obama? Take a chance on me, McCain.

Are we really that interested in the music taste of our presidential candidates? According to Blender: yes. Both top ten lists of our candidates appeared in this magazine last month. By taking a closer look at the lists I don’t think these songs are just putted together in a couple of minutes. Probably, both candidates have been thinking, doubting and questioning whether the one song or the other would get more appreciation from their target groups.
After getting so many questions about if he is able to fulfil the role of the president of the United States, Obama made his answer clear by saying ‘Fugees – Ready or not’ is his favourite song, and by saying that ‘William – Yes we can’ is the song that closes his list. This message should be clear to you all. McCain, on the contrary, comes up with a little less meaningful list just by placing ‘ABBA – Take a chance on me’ on a third place.

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Anonymous said...

I saw these lists of the candiadtes' top songs! It was pretty funny reading it.