Sunday, September 14, 2008

Can't buy me love

Reality programs on television: They pound it into you. Personal lives are dramatized, their characteristics are over-emphasized and habits are exaggerated. A couple of years ago, it was new, refreshing and interesting - a European phenomenon before it arrived in America - but now I can’t handle watching a minute of it anymore.

In the Netherlands, the television channel RTL5 started a new reality show which is called ‘Can’t buy me love’. It is about a bunch of rich guys, living in an enormous apartment with a couple of girls. The girls have to show that money isn’t the most important thing but that, above all, they like the boys because of their characters.


The worse part of this story is that a girl from my home-town is part of the show, trying to impersonate a stereotypical girl from the one place on Earth I love the most.

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