Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paradiso Amsterdam: going out in a church

Seeing the building from the outside makes you wonder what the inside looks like. Being inside the building makes you wonder what it looked like a hundred years ago. The answer is simple: it looked exactly the same.

Paradiso, Amsterdam. Going out until five in the morning, lights, music, concerts and: a church.

In 1968 an old church in Amsterdam was transformed into a music venue. Although the outside looks a bit dark and banal, the interior looks exactly like a church. Stained glass windows, balconies and pillars.

Paradiso is located in the middle of the nightlife centre of Amsterdam. Concerts in Paradiso are known for their intimate style and contact with fans. Around 12 a.m. the concert lights go down and the club lights are turned on. People that went to a concert find their way home and the students find their way to ‘the church’.

Paradiso combines modern music with the atmosphere of historical moments and stories. While dancing with your friends, you start to realize how thankful we have to be that we can enjoy this moment together. The question is, of course, if this awareness comes from spirits that still exist in the church or from that last drop of beer in your glass.

Paradiso: going out in a reverent way.

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