Sunday, September 14, 2008

No grandma’s at Hot Yoga

Yoga, that sounds like exercising for grandma’s. No sweating, no running and no sore muscles the next day. I can tell you that the opposite is true. After being convinced that hot yoga isn’t an old lady thing I found my way to the Hot Yoga class, also called Bikram Yoga.

Entering the space, it smelled like entering a sauna; a hot but friendly sauna with mirrors on every wall. After a warming up, which meant standing still in this Yoga sauna, I began to sweat already. Every pore of my body opened to its full extent and I felt every little bit of toxin leaving my body. And that was just the warming up. After learning all kinds of yoga poses I felt really relaxed, sore, sweaty and above all I felt really down to earth; as if I was born five minutes ago.

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