Thursday, September 18, 2008

Austin Breakfast City: Hotel San Jose, Jo’s Coffee

Friday morning, 9 A.M. I just finished a Spanish exam.

The only thing I really wanted was to get out of campus for a couple of hours and to have a proper breakfast. After having classes and homework the whole week I just couldn’t stand walking up and down the St. Edward’s hill and walking in and out classrooms anymore.

My weekend began, the sun was shining and people were waking up. Guess what I found: Hotel San Jose, Jo’s Coffee; a little green coffee bar on South Congress. It opens at 7 P.M. which makes it the perfect place to go and have breakfast early in the morning.

I ordered my ice-coffee, grabbed a newspaper and started my relaxed “ I don’t think about anything” Friday morning. Luckily I found a table on the terrace because it seemed like half-Austin was having breakfast at Jo’s Coffee, the coffee bar of Hotel San Jose.

While taking the first sip of my coffee I felt the sun coming up and the moon going down. More and more people ordered their breakfast at this friendly “make my morning” coffee bar. They noticed me, I noticed them, but that was alright. No conversations needed to share this perfect Friday morning.