Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chateau de Versailles part I

Le Roi Soleil (The Sun King), King Louis XIV, had a house. A castle. An enormous amount of space. A garden. A place where I , even if I would have lived there, would lose my way easily every day.

The royal family of France lived in the Castle of Versailles from 1682 until the end of the eighteenth century. Until today, the castle as well as the village are famous not only because of the buildings, but also because of the fact that they stand for the absolute monarchy of King Louis XIV.

After having a lot of art history classes in highschool I experienced the stories myself. I saw the hall in which ‘ Le Roi qui Danse’ (Dancing King) Louis XIV put on his red heels to illustrate how the sun comes up every day by dancing his own choreography. I heard the music composed by Lully overwhelming the building.

Visiting Versailles opens a world of imagination and fascination. After 220 years, Chateau de Versailles still illustrates the way in which the royal family of France lived perfectly. Even without entering the building you can get a romanticized and historical view of the lifestyle of the upper part of the French monarchy. The outside of the castle indicates the amount of golden decorations on the inside. The green garden full of statues, flowers and fountains shows the personality of King Louis XIV in every little detail; proud, smart, creative and above all: graceful.

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