Friday, September 5, 2008

Amy's Ice Cream

Probably this is one of your daily activities and one of the most boring and common topics to talk about, at least; for you.
I almost forgot it still exists: being creative in selling food. After living in a country where all icecream bars look exactly the same and sell exactly the same flavours, I was quite surprised by finding Amy's Ice cream in the middle of South Congress. It was not only the appearance of Amy's Ice cream that made me wonder what the ice cream tasted like, the list of flavours made me very curious as well.
Because I wasn't able to taste all their different flavours, toppings and shakes, I will definitely return to this little, shiny, blue box during my stay in Austin. Not only to try their whole assortment but also to create some amazing brainfreezes in all kinds of flavours and colours in order to become just as creative as Amy.

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Vic said...

amy's icecream is the best because the thing is, you can try all the flavors. honestly, i've probably asked to taste up to seven flavors in one visit (this is probably a better idea when they aren't super busy) and they've always given me each bite happily. sometimes i think i don't even have to buy a cup, i've already had a scoop of a million different flavors.