Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who are you?

You could call it an identity crisis, although that sounds a little too depressive.

Last week I had to interview one of the Sisters of the Holy Cross for the university newspaper 'Hilltop Views'. She told me that anywhere she goes, she always considers herself as a 'member of the Holy Cross'. That sentence describes her whole life, here hapiness and sadness, her meaning of 'to be'.

The interesting and in-depth conversation I had with this Sister made me wonder what I would consider myself now that I study here. How can I define myself in just one word or one sentence? I could call myself curious, but that description certainly ignores some other parts of me. I could call myself a European person, but actually I am not that affiliated with just one part of the world.

Dilema, dilema.

Maybe I am just too young to know what I am on both the inside and the outside, to find the consensus between how I grew up and what I would like to become. Is this a symptom of the aftermath of puberty or a mental signal people have when they go abroad for a long time?

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