Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Television hypes don't always cross the border: Project Runway

I thought is was a joke, you all couldn't be serious, but, to my biggest surprise, you were.
You guys seriously all knew which person from Project Runway designed which dress in which episode and on which day.
It secretly made me giggle during class but luckily I was able to hide that behind my bag. Namely, it is much more easier to explain why I thought that was funny now that I can choose my words carefully and thoughtfully.
In The Netherlands we have Project Runway too. But..
The only times I watch it or hear it is when I am either competely bored or when I need some background noise while doing homework.
Being a twenty years old girl I would even feel kind of embarrased to admit I watched it once just to check it out. These dramakings and queens may create beautiful designs but I have difficulties not to approach this program as just another form of competition on television that is exagerrated in every little detail, another version of American Idol in which they don't test their singing skills but their designing skills.
I honestly can't imagine what would happen in my classroom in Amsterdam, as soon as my male teacher would say he exactly reminds what Christian Siriano designed in Februari 2008.

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