Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Three Sisters -- Theatre Preview

Last weekend I needed to interview one of the players of 'The Three Sisters' in Mary Moody Northern Theatre on the St. Edwards campus. I was priviledged to attend one of their rehearsals, which made me looking forward to the actual performances. I certainly recommend you all to go and see this piece of art performed by 10 students and two professional actors.

'The Three Sisters' is about a family that lives in a little village in Russia. The dream of the family is to go back to Russia, to the place where their lives began. Watching this wish developing, relationships between the characters grow, break, evolve and establish their family bond.

The play, originally written by Anton Chekhov and now directed by Sheila Gordon promises just as much recognizable seriousness that takes place in families as fun that feeds a strong family-bond.

'The Three Sisters' will be performed from November 13 until November 23 on saturday nights and sunday afternoons. Find more information about this play and Mary Moody Northern Theatre here.

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