Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Green Muse Cafe

During this semester I probably drove by this place around twenty times, though, I never noticed this cozy cafe full of laptops, homework and coffee or tea-drinking people.

It took me a while to find it, even when my friend parked her car right in front of the little, white, wooden building. The building has no obvious entrance sign or billboard outside and doesn't look like a coffeehouse at all, except for the enormous coffee cup sticking out of the wall on the right side of the building. The only billboard they have is a little rectangular red sign hanging over the road without any lights on it, which makes it easy to miss during evenings.
Though, discovering this relaxing homework place was quite a relief for someone who finds it difficult to stay concentrated in her own room. The silent atmosphere in Green Muse puts you in a homework-mood immediately; everybody seems concentrated, but relaxed.
The colors in the cafe are well-chosen and every little detail fits together. Although the chairs are not exactly the same, they fit like brothers and sisters. The mostly lightbrown, darkbrown and black entourage of the cafe is decorated by art that features coffee promotions from around the sixties.
Sipping my vanilla tea, I felt the inspiration coming and I was able to do homework and have an interesting conversation with my friends at the same time. Around 11.30 p.m. we returned to campus feeling satisfied. Homework was done, we had a great evening, we got to know each other better: we achieved our goals.

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