Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hairy fingers on the floor

My friend had dreadlocks.

Correction: my friend had green dreadlocks. Green, fuzzy, short and awesome dreadlocks.

But yesterday, in less than an hour, they were gone.

"Am I going to look like a boy? What if my hair doesn't curl anymore when I cut it? And how short is it going to be anyway?" But from the moment she sat down on the chair at the haircutter she knew everything was going to be alright; no itchy hair anymore and she was looking forward to use normal shampoo again.

When the little brown and green sticks fell on the floor, one by one, they reminded me of the green, hairy and pointy fingers of The Grinch. The dreads were filled with memories from adventures far away and they wanted to hold on to my friend's head. No wonder the haircutter gave her a glass of wine in order to get rid of the pain they caused.

Now, one day later, I noticed relief; healthy hair, natural curls and an amazing chocolate-brown color. We left the Grinch's fingers in the bin and started to build new memories that go along with a cheerful and lively haircut.

"Change is never bad."

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