Sunday, November 23, 2008

What about an old-fashioned weekend at home?

I thought they didn´t exist for twenty years old girls anymore, relaxing weekends at home, but they do. Even now that I am studying abroad I felt it; going home for the weekend and let mommy take care of you.

This weekend me and my friend went to Houston to visit the parents of our other friend. Although I almost forgot what it feels like to come home, to relax and just plan to do nothing, I really enjoyed it. I am not even tired on this sunday afternoon, which normally is my lazy day after a weekend of going out, visiting friends, doing homework and get the least amount of sleep as possible.

A house, covered in unimaginable colors that make it look like a comfortable rainbow shared by a warm and hospitable family. A mom that loves to cook for her guests and that asks them questions until she gets to know them better. A mom, just like mine, that takes care of everybody and that wants other people to at feel home in her personal rainbow. Not a problem at all - even for people from the other side of the world - to feel at home during the weekend by watching movies, eating home-made food and simply by sharing time together.

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Anonymous said...

Hoi iedereen,

Ik heb gevonden via Google.
Deze site ziet er goed en leuk uit!
Ik wil graag ook zo een mooie site maken. Welke software heb je hier precies voor gebruikt? Mijn blogje ziet er nog kaal uit. :(


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