Thursday, August 28, 2008

Miss America

My mother gave me a book just before I was about to leave my home country. She was afraid that I would lose my language skills during my stay in the United States. It was a Dutch book called “Miss America” written by Nathalie Huigsloot. The book was very girlie, exaggerated and if it had been covered in one colour it would definitely be pink.
The main person in the story is Madelief who is a journalist in New York. She thinks about a lot of world issues during her daily activities in the Big Apple, which you wouldn’t expect in a book like this. While reading page 27 I got very surprised by the way the author explained human issues by defining it in an whole other context.
On that specific page, the author describes the way people live in New York in terms of ants living in ant-hills. Every ant is walking in a different way and with a different goal. Every time they pass one another they stop by and start a short conversation, whether they know the other ant or not. This was the issue that scared me while travelling to another country. You get to know a lot of new people, but you will never know if they really know who you are. According to the author of ‘Miss America’ humans are like ants, you don’t even have an identity or a face. However, when you start to take a closer look at the ants, you will discover that they all look different. Even if you don’t know all the ants you will meet in the future, keep in mind to identify all the faces of the ants that are important for you. Surprisingly, I found a life changing argument in this pink coloured, soft and girly book.

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