Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Entertainment in daily life

Although the media is creating hundreds of incredible opportunities each day, although it has a lot of educational advantages and although the media is one of the most appropriate ways to communicate with as many people as possible, sometimes I think we had been better of with decent books and an old-fashioned typewriter.

Especially when I take a closer look to the changes within society in the past fifty years, I realize that something has to change. If it is the amount of obesity that increases every year - by now we are up to 31% - or the increasing amount of men and boys that get addicted to video games, all of these facts are quite confrontational for a media maniac like me.

After all, I will write this blog everyday in order to try to keep the entertainment world in shape, to confront the entertainment world with critical analyzes of particular musicians, movies, musicals and daily life experiences. All of this, for the world’s own sake, in order not to let the entertainment world become obese, to keep it from losing its own limitations.


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