Friday, August 29, 2008

Mamma Mia the Movie: here I go again.

Every family has a secret.
Every wedding has a few surprises.

After watching the colourful and light-hearted musical Mamma Mia, I am glad the movie is finally out in cinemas. After watching the trailer on the internet, I am sure I will enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed the musical.
Mamma Mia is a movie that brings old-fashioned memories back to reality as well as a movie that provides new fantasies. All the original songs that are used in this movie are recorded in a refreshing way, which makes Mamma Mia the Movie even more nostalgic and modern as well. The movie is full of lovely songs and energetic dances. The beautiful story based on family lines is recognizable for a lot of people. The songs will most probably sound very familiar, even for young children. By using colourful scenery and actors like Meryl Streep, this movie is ready to rock the cinemas.
Open today: Sing along version of Mamma Mia the Movie at Barton Springs cinema.

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