Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dutch music in Austin part II: Driving with 'Guus Meeuwis'

The first day I arrived in Austin I got to know a Dutch man that lives in Austin. Actually, he turned out to be a far cousin. He and his wife are very warm and hospitable and they made me feel like home immediately.
Last week I was allowed to use his car for a couple of days, just to be able to visit some things I couldn't go to without having a car. Without thinking I turned on the music and guess what I heard. "Er is een nacht, die je normaal alleen in films ziet.." ("Some nights only exist in movies..") by Guus Meeuwis. I laughed so bad, that my friend sitting next to me had to tell me we had to turn right.
Normally, I hate this song, and not just a little, I deeply hate it. You know those clubs, where everybody is throwing beer at each other and is singing odd songs? This is one of those songs, those typically, stupid, easy songs.
Though, hearing the song made me laugh. It made me realize how good it is to be somewhere else and to be able to laugh about things from your own country without missing them or without getting sad.

Please laugh about this movie and realize, if you ever want to go to Holland, avoid this.

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